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International entertainer "Jungle” born Shaquille Spencer, is a published writer, producer, and performing artist. He was born April 18, 1993 in Atlanta,  Georgia. Jungle has been in the music industry for slightly over five years, in which he and his team have done remarkable - traveling, writing and sparking eruption at many performances & engagements  (rap and reggae). 

Born to immigrant parents from Jamaica, Jungle is a first generation American.

Decatur, Georgia is where Jungle spent most of his life, aside from his early years and often travels to Jamaica. Conflict, legal charges, fast lifestyle were all introduced to the artist at a very early age, which forced him to mature quickly. By age 10 he realized entrepreneurship was his escape of poverty, and began selling candy to classmates for profit. Next came mix CD’s and every other hustle imaginable.

In 2014, under the advice of several peers – Jungle decided to finally use his popularity and creative ability to enter the music industry. His music, styles, and message are unique. A perfect balance of hip hop and reggae, he has taken songs such as “Nice And Easy” and “Cool Breeze ” to create  awesome equilibrium of genres that reaches listeners and followers of all backgrounds. 

Jungle released his first project in 2016, EP titled “Rice And Peas” -Available on every major streaming site (itunes, Google, Amazon, Spotify etc.) as well as many popular music sites/blogs. 

His production team is nothing less than the best, together they recently completed the recording and release  of Jungle's sequel

EP "Global Gyalis" - Released Fall 2018. 




- Jungle has been in the music industry for just over six years, sparking fire at several performances & engagements (hip hop, R&B,  and reggae)- including performing with artists such as YG and Khausion Di Ikon.  Jungle has graced several international collaborations and features including records with platinum & grammy-nominated producers such as Crunk Ink, Big Fraze Beats, and several others. Jungle's credits are rapidly growing, including works with major acts such as reggae legends Max Romeo and Echo Minott, Sativa D Black 1. Jungle also has works with several members of Future's Free Band Gang music group, in addition to several other Major and independent Record                                                          Labels. Artist currently has unreleased collaborations in several countries and states.


                                                                - For a complete list of credited works please visit contact page . 


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